Spotlight on Societies: The Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society

UPNS Logo-Large-Inverse-Blue

The Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society is the leading international philatelic organization focusing on the stamps, postal history, and numismatics of Ukraine.  UPNS was founded in New York City in 1951 by a group of Ukrainian émigrés, and has members across North American, Europe, and Australia.  It has its roots from the 1920s in an earlier organization the Union of Philatelists of Ukraine in Germany (SPV). 

The Society’s original focus included the issues of the first Ukrainian National Republic from 1918, especially Trident overprints.  Other areas now include Western Ukraine, Carpatho-Ukraine, issues under various occupation regimes in wartime, a range of private issues from Ukrainian organizations overseas, and since 1992, the stamps of independent Ukraine.

The Society publishes the award-winning Ukrainian Philatelist journal twice a year, four electronic issues per year of our Trident Visnyk newsletter, and catalogues of various aspects of Ukrainian philately.  The Society sponsors awards for best Ukrainian exhibits, best journal article and for service to Ukrainian philately.  UPNS holds an annual meeting at select philatelic exhibitions in North America and an annual get-together for its members.   

UPNS will have a Society table at CAPEX 22.  An Annual General Meeting is open to all interested in Ukrainian philately and will be held on Saturday at 10:00 AM.  It will be followed at 11:00 AM by a PowerPoint primer on Ukrainian philately hosted by UPNS President Jerry Kalyn.  A Canadian Picture Postage stamp and related cover will be available at the show.

Please consult for further information.