Plan to exhibit at CAPEX 22 in Toronto

Be part of the first International One Frame Stamp Championship.

CAPEX 22 is the inaugural International One Frame Stamp Championship Exhibition. It is also the largest exhibition of one frame exhibits ever held.

CAPEX 22 is being held under the Patronage of the Federacion Interamericana de Filatelia (FIAF) and the Recognition of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP). CAPEX 22 will be governed by the General Regulations for Exhibitions (GREX), the General Regulation for Evaluation of Exhibits (GREV), the Special Regulations for Evaluation of exhibits (SREV’s) and Guidelines issued by FIP and the Individual Regulations for Exhibition (IREX) issued by CAPEX 22.

In addition to the classes recognized by FIP for One Frame exhibits, several non-FIP classes including FDCs, Cinderellas and Illustrated Mail may be entered in CAPEX 22.

Exhibitors entered in CAPEX 22 may join with other exhibitors to form a team for entry to the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE) team competition.


Exhibitors from FIP member federations and FIAF member federations shall be eligible to participate at CAPEX 22. Entries awarded at least 75-points at national exhibitions since Jan 1, 2015 or which have been exhibited at FIP, FIAF, FEPA or FIAP exhibitions will be eligible.

Please open (below) and read the CAPEX 22 Regulations (IREX), then complete and submit the on-line Exhibit Application Form.