The bourse is fully subscribed with the exception of two corner booths and one special one, which will be offered to the dealers on our waiting list that have requested a single booth.

If you would like to be on our waiting list, in the case of a cancellation, please email Bill Longley, Chair, Bourse committee at bourse@capex22.org or fill out the form on the following page.

APEX 22 Booth Holders
1Canada Post
3ARoyal Philatelic Society of Canada
9Youth Booth
10Colour Innovation
102Rest Area
222Rest Area
306///308Firmin Wyndels
312///411Greenwood Stamp Company
314Oakwood Auctions
316/318New Collector Area
322Dutch Country Auctions
406Mountainside Stamps
407Brixton Chrome
408Telah W. Smith
412///513Bill Barrell Ltd, Dorren Royan & Associaties
412///513Bill Barrell Ltd, Dorren Royan & Associaties
412///513David Morrison Ltd
412///513David Morrison Ltd
413Philangles Ltd.
415Zatka Philately Ltd.
416, 418A to Z Stamps
417CAPEX Prize Display
502Garvey & Sons
505Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co.
506Gary J. Lyon Philatelist Ltd / Eastern Auctions
507William Coates Philatelist
512,611Longley Auctions
513Willard Alman
514, 516Harmers International
515, 517Triple S Postal History Associates
518Jim McKenzie 
522Royal William Stamps Ltd
602Hugh Wood Canada Ltd.
606Stanley Gibbons
608Roy’s Stamps
612, 614Trajan Publishing Corp
613, 615Hugo Deshaye (Philatelist) Inc.
616Durbano Stamps
617E.S.J. van Dam Ltd
618Kelleher Auctions
622Covers Only
706Robert A. Siegel International
708C. Frank Hoyles
711, 713R. Maresch & Son
712, 811Spink Auctions
714Christopher Green Ltd.
715, 717Vance Auctions Ltd.
716Colonial Stamp Company
718H.R. Harmer
806David Feldman International Auctionneers
808Abacus Auctions
812, 814Sparks Auctions Inc.
813-815Fred Boatwright
816Champion Stamp Co.
817Angelo Komatsoulis Philatelist
818, 917City Stamp Montreal
822John Beddows Jr
902Nigel Mackey
905Andy Palochik
906Cavendish Auctions
907Deveney Stamps Ltd.
908London Philatelists
911Stamp Auction Network
912Rumsey Auctions
913, 915Medallion Stamps
914, 916Collectors Exchange
918Lee Stamp Sales
922R.D. Miner Philatelics
1005Rest Area
1011Lewis of Ottawa
1013Lewis of Ottawa
1015King’s Kollectables
1017Rest Area
1022Rousseau Collections