Spotlight on Societies: American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors


The American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors exists to share and discuss ideas and techniques for improving standards of exhibit preparation, judging, and the management of exhibitions. We serve the entire range of people; whether novice, experienced, or just beginning to think about getting involved. Our goal is to encourage increasing participation and enjoyment of philatelic exhibiting, and to ensure the health of this part of our hobby.  We were founded in 1986 by John Hotchner and Randy Neil.

In 1993 AAPE sponsored AmeriStamp Expo in Kansas City.  It was the world’s first stamp show devoted to single-frame exhibits, and it drew 158 entries.  In 2000 AAPE began the annual Single Frame Champion of Champions competition.  All single-frame grand award-winning exhibits at USA and Canadian national level shows are invited to complete.

In 2006 we held this championship in Toronto at the CSDA show.  At this show that the AAPE Single Frame Team Championship was born.  We have  a worldwide membership including many from Canada.  Charles Verge has been one of our presidents and David Piercey has won the award for best 2015 article in our quarterly journal, The Philatelic Exhibitor.

Member Sandeep Jaiswal is organizing the team competition at CAPEX, and we will be giving two presentations.  FIP judge Dan Walker will give FIP Postal History Treatment, and AAPE President Mike Ley will give The Evolution of the USA/Canada Judging Manual and the Freedom Now Allowed in National Level Shows.   Please stop by our table and introduce yourself.