CAPEX News #25


After almost three years of planning, CAPEX 22 is ready to open its doors tomorrow to philatelists and the general public from across the world for the first International One-Frame Stamp Championship Exhibition. The four-day show gets underway at 9 am this Thursday with the official opening ceremonies at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC).... Continue Reading

CAPEX News #25

Deadline 1

The convenient online pre-registration will close on Sunday June 5th.  Registration will be available at the door during the show dates of June 9-12th . With online pre-registration visitors may purchase one day passes for one or more days or a discounted 4-day pass. Click here for more details. Continue Reading

Issue #22 of CAPEX News


We are excited to tell you about Hazel Elmslie, the only exhibitor at CAPEX 22 who also exhibited at CAPEX 78. To learn more about Hazel and other exciting events at CAPEX 22, click here. Continue Reading