Bluenose stamp unveiling includes CAPEX 22 logo on the souvenir sheet

Toronto skyline at sunset

Today, June 29, 2021, Canada Post unveiled a se-tenant pair of stamps to celebrate the centenary of the launching of the Bluenose, Canada’s most famous sailing vessel. Built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia as a fishing and racing schooner she earned the nickname “The Queen of the North Atlantic” for her catches in the fishing season and her speed in the Fisherman’s International Challenge Cup schooner races where she remained undefeated for seventeen years. In 1933 the Bluenose was featured at the Chicago World’s Fair and in 1935 sailed to Plymouth, England to take part in the King George V Silver Jubilee celebrations.

The Bluenose was previously featured on four Canadian stamps beginning with the 50-cent 1929 “Bluenose”. A replica of the 1929 Bluenose stamp was featured on the 60-cent value of a set of five stamps issued in 1982 for the CANADA 82 International Philatelic Youth Exhibition. In 1988 a 37-cent stamp honouring Bluenose Captain Angus Walters was issued including an image of the schooner and in 1998 Canada Post issued a 45-cent stamp honouring William James Roué, the naval architect who designed the Bluenose. It featured the 1929 Bluenose stamp as the background.

In addition to the stamps, a souvenir sheet of the se-tenant pair was also unveiled today which includes the CAPEX 22 logo in the selvage. This is a continuation of a long-standing practice by Canada Post. The Post Office issued stamps and souvenir sheets for all World Philatelic Exhibitions held in Canada (1951, 78, 82, 87, 92 and 96). The logo of CAPEX first appeared on a souvenir sheet in 1978. Starting in 1985, Canada Post issued promotional souvenir sheets for the shows which included the CAPEX logo. Today’s souvenir sheet continues this tradition.

The CAPEX 22 Organizing Committee is grateful to Canada Post for its continuing support of international and national philately.

Here is the link to the above souvenir sheet.