In February 2021 the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) a Partner Level Sponsor of CAPEX 22 established a program to match donations made by its members to CAPEX 22 to a total match of $10,000.  The program was set to run until the end of February 2022.

CAPEX 22 wishes to recognize the generous BNAPS member donors who have made this program a success with the last donation required to meet the $10,000 target received on February 23, 2022.  The BNAPS member donors are in alphabetical order:

Will Aaroe, Bob Anderson, Gary Arnold, Malcolm Back, Timothy Baikie, Dave Bartlet, Mark Berner, Dave Brennan, Kerry Bryant, Barry Casanova, Sam Chiu, Simon Claughton, Bram Costin, Patrick Delmore, Francois Deschamps, Chris Ellis, Fred Feddema, Derek Fleming, Bob Forster, Luc Freve, Michael Graf, James Graham, John Hamilton, Jerome Jarnick, Richard Judge, Michael Lee, Ken Lemke, Charles Livermore, Rod MacLennan, Ron Majors, Peter McCarthy, T.P. McDermott, David McLaughlin, Sydney Mensinga, Tom Meyerhof, Robin Moore, Gilles Morel, Ingo Nessel, Brian Paul, William Pekonen, Gregory Pope, Nick Poppenk, Garfield Portch, James Pritchard, Derek Smith, Ron Smith, Elizabeth Sodero, Gary Steele, Robert Timberg, Joe Trauzzi, Ralph Trimble, Yan Turmine, Adri Veenstra, Charles Verge, Peter Ware, Joel Weiner, Vic Willson, Richard Wilson and Terry Wilson.

Thank you, everyone.