Littérature #Nom completPaysTitre de l’expositionLittérature philatélique (sous-classes)
20-001qilariAlbaniapullat e takses ne Korce 1917-1921Printed philatelic books
20-002Daryl KibbleAustraliaJames Cook at Nootka Sound 1778  – Canadian First Day and Event Covers 1978-1979Printed philatelic books
20-003Sheikh Shafiqul IslamBangladesh“Bangladesh Provisional Overprints Classifications (of Provisional Overprints during the  Liberation war and after independence 1971-1974) Bangladesh 1971-1974”Printed philatelic books
20-004José Eduardo CimóBrazilFreemasonry in the World of PhilatelyPrinted philatelic books
20-005Mauricio MenesesBrazilRondo, The Marshal of PeacePrinted philatelic books
20-006Andrew ChungCanadaCanada Post Office Replacement and Publicity First Day CoversPrinted philatelic books
20-007Andrew ChungCanadaThe Collection of Postage Due in Canada (1906-2005)Printed philatelic books
20-008Ijaz QureshiCanadaThe Colombo-Tuticorin Gateway for Indo-Pacific Steamship Mail 1892-1914Printed philatelic books
20-009James H. WattCanadaPlating the HalfpennyPrinted philatelic books
20-010James Robert TaylorCanadaForeign destinations of pre-UPU mail from St. Pierre & Miquelon, use of  Nova Scotia and Canada Postage Stamps, London Philatelist, n. 1478, September, p.322-330Printed philatelic books
20-011James Robert TaylorCanadaThe 1925-1927 Voyage of the German Survey Ship Meteor the Secret  Mission and Surprising Scientific DiscoveriesPrinted philatelic books
20-012Jean-Pierre ForestCanadaLes timbres de loi et autres timbres de revenu de la province de QuébecPrinted philatelic books
20-013Michel HoudeCanadaBritish Consulate Post Office at Bangkok 1855 to 1885Printed philatelic books
20-014Philatelic Specialists Society of CanadaCanadaPhilatelic Specialists Look at Local Postal HistoryPrinted philatelic books
20-015Robert VogelCanadaThe Caneco ConnectionPrinted philatelic books
20-016Robin HarrisCanadaEnvironment Definitive Series 1977-1987, Second EditionPrinted philatelic books
20-017Société d’histoire postale du QuébecCanadaLa poste coloniale au Québec 1763-1851 – Vol. 1: le sud de Montréal et la rivière des OutaouaisPrinted philatelic books
20-018Société d’histoire postale du QuébecCanadaA Special Study on Canadian ConfederationPrinted philatelic books
20-019Société d’histoire postale du QuébecCanadaLa Confédération – Une étude spécialePrinted philatelic books
20-020Gertlieb GmachGermanyÖsterreichische und ungarische Posteinrichtungen in den DonaufürstentümernPrinted philatelic books
20-021Juergen SaeftelGermanyTattersall Lottery; Catalogue and Handbook; Procedures, Tickets, EphemeraPrinted philatelic books
20-022Ute Dorr, Elmar DorrGermanyThe Orient-Express 1883–1914Printed philatelic books
20-023Dinesh Chandra SharmaIndiaOlympic Flame and Torch RelayPrinted philatelic books
20-024Lokeswara Rao MadirajuIndiaBuddhism on stampsPrinted philatelic books
20-025Markand DaveIndiaRoyal Philatelic Society London – Activities in IndiaPrinted philatelic books
20-026Meer KossoyIsraelForms of Receipts and Stamped Paper of the Post Department 1807-1864Printed philatelic books
20-027Zvi AloniIsraelThe Postal History of the Ottoman Post in the Holy LandPrinted philatelic books
20-028Franco RigoItalyVenice and The Levant – Bailo Palace in Constantinople – The Mail XIV° – XVIII° CenturyPrinted philatelic books
20-029Lik LimMalaysia1998 XVI Commonwealth GamesPrinted philatelic books
20-030Witold MikołajczykPolandGmina Bojanowo traktem i znakami pocztowymi opisana. Bojanowo – Commune Described Through Its Route and Postal StampsPrinted philatelic books
20-031Association of Singapore PhilatelistsSingaporeChina Silver Yuan StampsPrinted philatelic books
20-032Association of Singapore PhilatelistsSingaporeAirmails From, Through and to Singapore and Malaya, Volume 1Printed philatelic books
20-033Harsha RupesingheSri LankaThe Machine Postmarks of Sri LankaPrinted philatelic books
20-034Majed HalawiUnited KingdomEchoes of Empire, Sierra Leone Philatelic Legacy, 1786–1980Printed philatelic books
20-035Andrew McFarlaneUnited StatesCreating the Philatelic Exhibit Synopsis: A Master ClassPrinted philatelic books
20-036Cheryl GanzUnited StatesU.S. Zeppelin and Airship Mail FlightsPrinted philatelic books
20-037Edwin AndrewsUnited StatesAward Winning Philatelic Treatment and Presentation. A Guide to Display, Thematic and Topical Exhibits for Exhibitors,Printed philatelic books
20-038Louis FisetUnited StatesJapanese Canadians in World War IIPrinted philatelic books
20-039Richard DaffnerUnited States« The Foreign Mail Issue of Mexico 1879-1883 »Printed philatelic books
20-040Yamil KouriUnited StatesSpanish Colonial and Mexican Mail in the United StatesPrinted philatelic books
21-001Ingo NesselCanadaThe Edge of Philately: Philatelic Specialists Look at Non-Traditional Philately and its EphemeraDigital philatelic books
21-002Jon JohnsonCanadaCanadian Stamps with Perforated Initials, Sixth EditionDigital philatelic books
21-003Wayne SmithCanadaCanada – Pence Issue 1851 – 1859 Cover CensusDigital philatelic books
21-004Lokeswra Rao MadirajuIndiaGreat Britain: Postal cancellation of post office numbers of England and Wales on Penny RedDigital philatelic books
21-005Abraham Valencia JiménezPeruNot All That Glitters is Philately: Emissions Banned – No todo lo que brilla es filatelia. Emisiones prohibidas.Digital philatelic books
21-006Eric Franco RegjoPeruTwo stamps and one country: Republican prosperity and development and its philatelic representationDigital philatelic books
22-001Australian Philatelic FederationAustraliaAPF NewsPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-002Philatelic Society of Canberra Philatelic Society of CanberraAustraliaCapital PhilatelyPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-003Sociedade Philatelica PaulistaBrazilBoletim Informativo Sociedade Philatelica PaulistaPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-004China Philatelic Society of LondonCanadaJournal of Chinese PhilatelyPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-005François BrisseCanadaPhilagems InternationalPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-006Postal History Society of CanadaCanadaPostal History Society of Canada JournalPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-007Robin HarrisCanadaThe Canadian PhilatelistPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-008Société d’histoire postale du QuébecCanadaBulletin d’histoire postale et de marcophiliePrinted philatelic periodicals
22-009Society for Hungarian PhilatelyCanadaThe News of Hungarian PhilatelyPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-010Steven FriedenthalCanadaThe Revealer: Quarterly Journal of the Eire Philatelic AssociationPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-011Philatelic Society of ChileChileChile FilatelicoPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-012Berislav PervanCroatiaActa Philatelica Nova 2021Printed philatelic periodicals
22-013Croatian Philatelic Society ZadarCroatiaZadarski FilatelistPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-014Hrvatski Savez FilateistaCroatiaHrvatski FilatelistPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-015CFPIFrance‘Doar Ivri’ la revue du CFPIPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-016Jürgen SaeftelGermanyBriefmarken-Club Hannover von 1886 e. V. (BCH) Club-NachrichtenPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-017Nicola BurdiatItalyL’Intero Postale / The Postal StationeryPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-018Nick HalewoodJapanHong Kong Study Circle JournalPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-019Sinisha PavleskiMacedoniaPostage stamps 2021Printed philatelic periodicals
22-020Americo Lopes RebeloPortugalArticles About Maximafilia, Filatelia and Cartofilia Related to the World of Birds and S.L. Benfica, Published in Several National and Foreign Philatelic Magazines for the Years 2020/2021.Printed philatelic periodicals
22-021Emirates Philatelic AssociationUnited Arab EmiratesAl Zajel MagazinePrinted philatelic periodicals
22-022Graham SearleUnited KingdomMaple LeavesPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-023American Air Mail SocietyUnited StatesAirpost JournalPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-024Donald ChafetzUnited StatesThe Israel Philatelist JournalPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-025Igor GrigorianUnited StatesARPA (Armenian Philatelic Association) JournalPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-026John RobertsUnited StatesUkrainian Philatelist JournalPrinted philatelic periodicals
22-027Mark MaestroneUnited StatesJournal of Sports Philately (4 issues: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 2020)Printed philatelic periodicals
22-028Michael RobertsUnited StatesMexicanaPrinted philatelic periodicals
23-001Chris HargreavesCanadaThe Canadian AerophilatelistDigital philatelic periodicals
23-002Jane SoderoCanadaThe Nova Scotia PostDigital philatelic periodicals
23-003Thomas MalickiCanadaPhilaJournal – publication of the GTAPADigital philatelic periodicals
23-004Alejandro Francisco GrossmannMexicoRevista AMEXFILDigital philatelic periodicals
23-005Lisa FosterUnited StatesThe Gay and Lesbian History on Stamps JournalDigital philatelic periodicals
23-006Nestor RychtyckyjUnited StatesTrident VisnykDigital philatelic periodicals
24-001Andrea CasaCanadaThe Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian StampsPrinted catalogues
24-002Andrew ChungCanadaThe National Christmas Seals of Canada (1927-2018)Printed catalogues
24-003Ross GrayCanadaCatalogue of Canadian Railway CancellationsPrinted catalogues
24-004Société d’histoire postale du QuébecCanadaCatalogue des marques postales du Québec – Type 20: Cercle interrompu « PQ »Printed catalogues
24-005Tillard J-JacquesSaint Pierre and MiquelonTILLARD – SPM, les classiques 1885-1908. Edition 2021-23Printed catalogues
24-006Jack YaoUnited StatesCatalog of the United States International Reply CouponsPrinted catalogues
25-001Earle l. CovertCanada(Canada) Illustrated PermitsDigital catalogues
25-002Ralph TrimbleCanadaRe-entries.comDigital catalogues
25-003Tony MansonCanadaCanadian Boy Scout & Girl Guide Philatelic Catalog  (Version 4)Digital catalogues
26-001Australian Philatelic FederationAustraliaAustralian Philatelic Federation Website websites
26-002Dave ElsmoreAustraliaRevenue & Railway Stamps of AustraliaPhilatelic websites
26-003Académie québécoise d’études philatéliquesCanadaAcadémie québécoise d’études philatéliques / www.aqep.netPhilatelic websites
26-004Gordon SmithCanadaPhilatelic MeanderingsPhilatelic websites
26-005Ingo NesselCanadaJustBeautifulStampsPhilatelic websites
26-006Leopold BeaudetCanadaBritish North America Philatelic Society websitePhilatelic websites
26-007Philatelic Specialists Society of CanadaCanada websites
26-008Robin HarrisCanadaRPSC websitePhilatelic websites
26-009Robin HarrisCanadaGreat Britain MachinsPhilatelic websites
26-010Société philatélique de QuébecCanadaLes Chroniques-Zoom Diffusées aux 130 Membres de la Société Philatélique de QuébecPhilatelic websites
26-011Thomas MalickiCanadaGTAPA’s new websitePhilatelic websites
26-012William BurdenCanadaFinding Images for Marler …and BeyondPhilatelic websites
26-013William BurdenCanadaCanada Small Queens Issue Constant Plate Varieties 1870-1897Philatelic websites
26-014Michael KoganGermanywww.PaleoPhilatelie.EUPhilatelic websites
26-015Sinclair McLarenNew ZealandDunedin Stamp & Postcard Club WebsitePhilatelic websites
26-016Circulo Circulo Amigos de la FilateliaPeruOfficial website Circulo Amigos de la Filatelia https://circuloamigosdelafilatelia.orgaPhilatelic websites
26-017Lisa FosterUnited StatesGay and Lesbian History on Stamps websitePhilatelic websites