Spotlight on Societies: ‘Mi Oficina’

When the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandate, turned an informal group of philatelic friends into something professionally serious

Introduced in 2014, ‘Mi Oficina’ is a worldwide group of friends who gather at major philatelic events around the world.  A looking forward get-together that complements stamp shows attendance with the enjoyment of magnificent philately, the human touch of friendship around conversations, some drinks, and lots of laughs.  There was just one rule, no talking about philately was allowed; after all Mi Oficina was the daily decompress occasion after an always fructiferous day at the main show.

Enter March 2020 and the pandemic, worldwide lockdowns, confinement, shows cancelled, so these philatelic friends decided to meet virtually starting presentations on a multitude of philatelic topics after all the people in attendance were the subject matter experts in their collecting areas.  And as a European philatelic blog once reported:   “Perhaps similar to the sort of presentations you might expect to hear at the Collector’s Club or the Royal Philatelic…except these are happening every night.”

We are all driven by the common goal of making the best out of the unfortunate circumstances, documenting in videos readily available from our YouTube channel the collective knowledge Mi Oficina members have amongst all its participants.

As of February 2022, we have on YouTube 420 presentations, from 150+ presenters, from 20+ countries, with a total of 700 hours of video recordings, 30,000+ pages in PDFs, and much more.  Would you like to join us?

Mi Oficina YouTube Chanel: